These two special ladies have their very own special story to tell. We think they have been together their whole lives and have come into foster together as a pair with a little extra baggage (14 kittens between them actually). They have been super mums loving and supporting each other helping raise each others babies. When one needed a break, the other would step up, truly remarkable to watch. They have very different personalities, but completely compliment each other as pair.

Louise is a character, she is constantly making cute little chirpy kinds of sounds as she wonders throughout the house. She’s a clever girl who likes to find sneaky little hidey holes to have a nap. She can use a cat door no problems and has probably previously been an outside cat at some stage. She has been fine being indoors and loves to come for a pat and scratch behind the ears. Just keep an eye on your loaf of bread or bread rolls as she has a bit of a soft spot for them.

Thelma is a gentle soul, she likes her food, I mean really likes her food but a life where she has had to find her own source of food will do that to a cat. She’s very affectionate and is quite the confident little lady, she’s great with meeting new people and has even let a 4 year old boy carry her around the house in his arms for a bit. She’s a very patient girl, who is just looking for a family to love her. She is very affectionate and absolutely loves pats.

They have been in foster care with other cats and have no problems at all. They are also fine around calm and gentle dogs and not too worried about kids.

Thelma and Louise are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, vet checked, flea and tick treated. Please call 0409 184 685 between 10am-4pm Monday-Friday and 9am-4pm Saturday/Sunday to arrange a viewing.

To adopt you will need photo ID, proof of residence, as in a current rates notice or a rental agreement showing approval to have animals, as well as vaccination and desexing records for any current pets you may already own.