LUCYBOXER XFEMALE 3 YEARS OLD  $350 TO ADOPT  BIN0001548112747 Lucy is a sweet and gentle girl who has lots of love to give. She’s affectionate and loves to spend quiet […]


MOOSESTAFFY X MALE10 MONTHS OLD$450 TO ADOPTBIN0001548112747 Moose is a happy energetic 10 month old pup. He knows some basic training, but would really benefit from further training. He is […]


HUSTLEMALEGREAT DANE X7 MONTHS OLD$300 TO ADOPTBIN0001548112747 Hustle is a large gentle boy who doesn’t know his own size and can easily knock you over unexpectedly. He does get separation […]


POPPY BULL ARAB X STAFFY    FEMALE 9 MONTHS OLD $350 TO ADOPT  BIN0001548112747 Poppy came into care in very poor condition, skinny and extremely scared. She doesn’t trust unfamiliar […]


BUDDYMALEKELPIE X BORDER COLLIE3 YEARS OLD$350 TO ADOPTBIN0001548112747 Buddy is a very active dog with an excellent temperament. He is a slightly more submissive dog and is good with others […]


WAGSAMERICAN STAFFY XMALE10 MONTHS OLD$400 TO ADOPTBIN0001548112747 Wags is a happy, playful and energetic boy. He loves getting outdoors and going for walks. He knows basic commands like sit and […]


TUNA  BANDOG X FEMALE 8 MONTHS OLD  $450 TO ADOPT  BIN0001548112747 Tuna is super friendly, cuddly, and generally really well behaved. She doesn’t bark much and listens pretty well to […]