$450 TO ADOPT 


Are you a family or individual who already has a dog but are thinking of adding another 4 legged friend to the family? If yes then Marley could be the Perfect fit! 

My name is Marley. I am a 10 months old staffy X boxer. I am an outside dog who just come from a home that has a 3,7 & 10 year old children so I Love kids!!  I am also super friendly and sociable and love playing with other dogs. With a harness and lead I will walk or run beside u both on foot or next to a push bike. I could run all day long! I am currently in foster care sharing a back yard with a Great Dane and we play non stop all day. I am also a fantastic guard dog, I alert my human if someone is approaching my yard that doesn’t live with me, but settles as soon as they leave or am told to by my human. 

Marley came into foster care as an outdoor only dog, however whilst with his foster carer has been inside and is a very well behaved boy, does not jump on the furniture and is happy to sit on the floor or  on his bed. In foster care however he has been sleeping outside/in the garage at night, so am unsure if he is 100% toilet trained. But has not had any accidents inside since coming into care.  Marley is a very high energy young dog who is still very much a puppy. Marley has so much love to give and is one of the happiest dogs iv seen. Marley does understand what sit means but doesn’t always do it. Marley needs a family/home that is committed to putting in the time to train him, as unfortunately the training he has had seems to be very limited. He is a very loving and affectionate dog but just hasn’t been shown many commands so gets confused when asking him things like sit and stay. Being the type of happy puppy that he is, I believe Marley would benefit Greatly if his new owners signed him up for a term of puppy school. When Marley first came into foster care he did manage to escape his Forster carers yard, so he requires a secure yard with high fencing. Marley would be best suited to a home that already has a dog that he can play with during the day, and/or a high energy family that is going to take Marley for as many walks/runs as possible, to cater to his high energy. Being such a happy and affectionate dog,  who is so eager to make his human happy. Marley in the right environment, with a family committed to putting some time and training into him will thrive and become a fantastic loyal dog to his new family 

Marley is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, vet checked, flea and tick treated. He is in foster care and is now ready for adoption. Please call 0409 184 685 between 10am-4pm Monday-Friday and 9am-4pm Saturday/Sunday to arrange a viewing.

To adopt you will need photo ID, proof of residence, as in a current rates notice or a rental agreement showing approval to have animals, as well as vaccination and desexing records for any current pets you may already own.