Though having foster carers is an essential part of our group, another serious need we have is for kind hearted people to willingly donate us some essential items.

We understand that not everyone has the time, space, and ability to help us foster, but many people still want to help and be a benefit to our group.  One of the biggest ways you can help with this is by donating some essential items to us if you have the spare money one month, you have extras, or you have old items you no longer want anymore.

Many of our most needed donation items are pretty obvious, but some are not so common, so here is a bit of a list of what we would most appreciate if given the chance:

  • Dry Dog and Puppy Biscuits and Treats
  • Dry Cat and Kitten Biscuits
  • Tinned Cat and Kitten Food
  • Gift Vouchers to Pet Stores
  • Putting Money on our Vet Account (Kings Rd Vet Clinic)
  • Puppy Milk Replacer (Di-Vetelact)
  • Kitten Milk Replacer (Wombaroo)
  • Dog Bones & Pet’s Mince (From the Butcher)
  • Pasta/Rice
  • Kitty Litter – Paper/Crystal
  • Litter Boxes
  • Dog and Cat Beds
  • Cat Scratch Posts
  • Dog Collars (Small and Large)
  • Dog Leads (Small and Large)
  • Towels (Old or New)
  • Sheets (Old or New)
  • Blankets (Old or New)
  • Animal Wormers (Even a left over 1 in a pack would be helpful)
  • Flea Treatments
  • Pet Shampoo (Especially Flea and Tick, or medicated (Malaseb))
  • Cat Carriers
  • Dog Crates
  • New dog toys
  • New cat toys
  • Puppy pads
  • Rubbish bags
  • Hand wash
  • Disinfectant/Bleach
  • Dustpans/Brushes

We appreciate any and all donations we receive, no matter how large or small. It truly means the world to us that people are willing to give towards our cause and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Have you got containers to recycle?

Your recycling efforts can help raise money for our animals here at Townsville Foster and Rehoming Animals.

Any of the donations listed above can be dropped to any of our listed collection points across Townsville when they are open.

  • Wildcats Indoor Netball, Kirwan
  • Petbarn, Idalia
  • Good Vibrations Tattoo Studio, Railway Estate
  • Muscle and Fitness Gym, Kirwan
  • Feed 2 Go, Bohle