How to Adopt

We have a fairly simple and straight forward adoption process if you’re interested any of our animals.

First, the prices to adopt our animals are as follows:White Kitten

  • Puppies and Dogs: Starting from $300, may be higher depending on necessary vet work
  • Kittens: Starting at $200, may be higher depending on necessary vet work
  • Cats: Starting at $50, may be higher depending on necessary vet work

Second, you need to get in contact with our office, who will arrange a
viewing that will fit both your schedule and the foster carer’s.

All adoption viewings are arranged via the office by calling 0409 184 685. Our office hours are 9am-4pm, 7 days a week Monday to Sunday.

When you call, please have the animal’s name and information in front of you (or what kind of pet you’re looking for if you haven’t decided yet), as well as a schedule of your availability for the upcoming week.  Also, have a paper and pen ready to take down information on viewings and adoption processes.

Paperwork and finalisation of adoptions will be completed at the viewing and families have determined they are committed to an animal.

To adopt you will need photo ID, proof of residence, as in a current rates notice or a rental agreement showing approval to have animals, as well as vaccination and desexing records for any current pets you may already own.

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon!