Other Volunteer Options

We still have a few other volunteer options for people who are unable to foster and currently aren’t in the financial situation to donate, but still want to be able to help out.13335989_1090644177641434_8921311497900498715_n

Transport:  Our animals come from all over and often end up going to homes a bit out of the way, so we often need help transporting pets all over the state.  If you work for a job that requires significant travel, and you’d be able to transport an animal every once in awhile, we’d love to hear from you so we can work you into our schedules.

A Day of Help: Often our foster carers have entire litters of puppies or kittens to take care of, some of which don’t even have their mothers to take care of them.  These carers spend hours upon hours of their days, feeding, washing, and cleaning up after these foster pets.  Though many of them won’t admit it, a day off is what many of them need.  If you’re able to spend a day, or just a few hours, helping feed and clean puppies, it would be a great help to all these hard working individuals.

Posters, Flyers, and Business Cards: Getting our name out there is half the battle of rehoming all our puppies and kittens, so advertising is essential.  We have flyers and cards available for people who are willing to drop these items off while their doing their weekly shopping.  Also, we’d welcome people creating their own flyers for us and putting them up at their place of work and around town.

Admin: Everyday, our main volunteers are inundated with calls, emails, and updates on our online pages.  Often they find it hard to even spend time with their family, let alone have any time for themselves.  We’d love help from dedicated, trustful, and resourceful people to help us with these duties.  Stay at home parents and shift worker types would most likely have the easiest time working this kind of work into their schedule.  Also, we’re desperately looking for an Accountant who would be willing to help us at discounted rates, considering most of our paychecks go straight back to the animals.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read!! How to be seeing you soon!