Beehive is a solemn looking girl with a heart of gold. She doesn’t show her happy feelings too much on her face, but demonstrates her affection with lots of cuddles. Her face is part of her charm. If you are wondering where the name “Beehive” came from, her carers thought she looked like she had been stung by a bee. That big velvety mouth is from the sharpei heritage, not from a bee sting.This little girl is a bit quiet when you first meet her, but when she warms to you, she loves to sit nearby and keep you company. Her solemn face lights up when she sees you. She is starting to have little conversations with her foster family (rowwrr, rooowrr  ). She might learn to talk! Beehive should be a helpful guardian for your home when she grows up. She needs someone to take the time to love her and teach her her manners. The vet has identified that she will need a modified diet to keep her healthy, but it is an easy change to make. She just needs extra iron each day in her food; an egg with her biscuits covers that.
She loves to play with her foster sisters and with the puppy toys….
Beehive is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped wormed, vet checked, flea and tick treated. Beehive is in foster care and is now ready for adoption. Please call 0409 184 685 between 10am-4pm Monday-Friday and 9am-4pm Saturday/Sunday to arrange a viewing.
To adopt you will need photo ID, proof of residence, as in a current rates notice or a rental agreement showing approval to have animals, as well as vaccination records for any current pets you may already own.