FEMALE RAGDOLL X SCOTTISH FOLD 2.5 YEARS OLD BIN0001548112747 $250 TO ADOPT You will need to have patience with this lady, she has been rehomed previously and she will take […]


MALE 6 YEARS PUREBRED SILVER SPOTTED BENGAL BIN0001548112747 $200 TO ADOPT SHIRO (pronounced She-Row) is a very distinguished, good looking gentleman who will pull at your heartstrings. He is very […]


FEMALEDSH7 years old$50 to adoptBIN0001548112747Tigress is a lovely cat with a soft coat of many stripes. She has a loud, comforting purr, and is very affectionate. Her special favourite things […]


FEMALEDSH7 years old$50 to adoptBIN0001548112747Mittens is a beautiful delicate cat with a cute pointy face. She is named for her white mittens that she keeps pristine. She is affectionate and […]


DSHFEMALE1 YEAR OLDBIN0001548112747$50 TO ADOPTMAGGIE is a mellow and loveable little lady with kitten playfulness. She loves all the pats, cuddles and all the love you can supply. She is […]