Mr Black & Cora

Mr Black & Cora


MALE & FEMALE (Siblings)





Beautiful natured and placid 6 month old siblings. Have been together since birth and are very close. Would be suited to co-adoption due to their strong bond. Cora is the more confident of the pair, with Mr Black being more reserved. Both are very gentle and friendly towards humans and warm up quite quickly to other dogs, but can be a little timid. Cora and Mr Black have grown up in a family with 5 children varying in age, so would make the perfect companions for households of all ages. They will sit and wait for food, and show promising signs for additional training. Neither have appeared to become over-excited/jump up when greeting people, and would be suitable for families with young children. Both pups are toilet trained, and are comfortable sleeping outside. They will grow to be large dogs so a big yard would be ideal and an active family who can dedicate time for walks and lots of cuddles. Both have walked well on a lead so far. These gorgeous pups love cuddling up with each other/with people and are very affectionate and calm. Ideally we would love for Cora and Mr Black to be adopted together, however if you intend on adopting separately you must already have a dog so that they have a furry friend during work and school hours. You will be asked to bring your current pet along for viewings to ensure they get along and are the right fit for your family

Both dogs have already had all vet work done; desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, vet checked, flea and tick treated. Mr Black and Cora are in foster care and are now ready for adoption. Please call 0409 184 685 between 10am-4pm Monday-Friday and 9am-4pm Saturday/Sunday to arrange a viewing.

To adopt you will need photo ID, proof of residence, as in a current rates notice or a rental agreement showing approval to have animals, as well as vaccination and desexing records for any current pets you may already own.