Obi, the black capped lory is sure to entertain! He loves his toys and hanging from the roof of his cage. He is also known for jumping around his cage like a ninja. Obi is also quite talkative and will greet you with ‘morning’. Around dawn and dusk Obi is also quite vocal and will mimic many sounds, including a fire alarm!Obi has been around big dogs so he is not bothered by them – he even likes to tease them a little by whistling at them.

Due to a change in circumstances, Obi’s previous owners could not spend enough time with him. As a result, he has not spent much time out of the cage and is currently quite nippy, particularly in / through the cage. Obi will need someone who can properly train him and spend significant time bonding with him. He is not a bird appropriate for children and responded better to his previous female owner than males with deeper voices.Black capped lory are known for their energy, curiosity and being a little whacky – and Obi is no different!

Obi will require significant stimulation and enrichment and should spend at least part of each day outside the cage with you. He will need a large parrot cage with lots of toys and space to move and play – he is not suitable for small enclosures. His new owner should also be prepared for the species’ notorious splatter poops! For this reason, Obi should only be adopted by someone who is familiar with the breed, experienced with other birds or willing to invest their time and energy in learning to care for him. Black capped lory are known to live for 20+ years so Obi will also need someone who can commit to his care long term. Obi is up to date on his worming and lice treatments.

Obi is in fostercare and is now ready for adoption. Please call 0409 184 685 between 10am-4pm Monday-Friday and 9am-4pm Saturday/Sunday to arrange a viewing.